Sailing yacht cruise in the Eastern Mediterranean
Cyprus (Limassol) - Greece (islands)

The romance of the sail

Cruise on sailing yacht Bavaria Cruiser 51 from Limassol

The Bavaria Cruiser 51 yacht combines a spacious cockpit, roomy interior, the comfort of a Mediterranean cruiser with the romance of sail.
The yacht has 3 spacious cabins, ideal for a long family trip.

We will tailor the cruise according to your expectations and visit the picturesque places of the Eastern Mediterranean of the island: Paros, Astypalea, Rhodes, Kastelorizon or others according to your preference.

What awaits you

Yacht size: 51 ft / 14.99 m
Number of cabins: 3
Number of beds: 8
Number of bathrooms: 3/3 shower
Maximum capacity: 12 people (day charter)
Maximum yacht speed: 9 knots
Cruising speed: 7 knots
Year Built: 2016
On the board: generator, air conditioning, wine fridge, 2 food refrigerators and 1 freezer, TV, Fusion stereo with Bluetooth connectivity, fully equipped kitchen with all necessary cutlery and washing machine.

Sea travel program

Cyprus Limassol - Greek Islands - Cyprus Limassol
St. Raphael Marina - 8 nm - Lady's Mile - 73 nm - Blue lagoon
Departure from St. Raphael Marina, Limassol at 19:00
We raise the sails and, at low speed, enjoying the view of the city, we walk along the coast of Limassol.
20:00 we drop the anchor on Lady's Mile. We swim, cook dinner, go to bed.
At the first rays of the rising sun, the captain sets sail and heads for the northern part of Cyprus. Next stop at Blue Lagoon. This is our first long transition with a length of 73 nm. We will drop anchor in the blue waters, the most picturesque spot on the island. Swimming at sunset, dinner, talking about life, relaxing on a yacht.
At dawn, a second long hike to the first Greek island awaits us.

Boat trip in Cyprus

Travel time is about 6 hours.
1st day
Blue lagoon - 155 nm - Kastelorizon
We got there. Hello Greece!
Late at night we drop anchor in the waters of Kastelorizon Island and wait for customs procedures at the border.
This usually takes 2 to 4 hours.
After the boat and all the crew members have received permits for staying in Greece, we can go further towards the island of Rhodes or according to our previously approved route.

Cyprus - Greece Kastelorizon

The journey takes about 30 hours.
2-nd day
These three days we are traveling through the picturesque islands of Greece, according to our cruise plan.
We disembark to get acquainted with the sights and to taste the real Greek cuisine in cozy taverns.
On the sixth day, early in the morning, the entire crew and crew are preparing for the longest journey - the return to Cyprus.

Visiting the islands of Greece

3 days enjoying the nature and culture of Greece

3,4,5-th day
Rhodes - 270 nm - Limassol
6 and 7 days will take you from Rhodes to St. Raphael Marina, Limassol Cyprus.
Setting sail at dawn, the yacht's captain sets sail for Limassol.
This will be our longest sea passage on our journey.
There are 270 nautical miles to sail non-stop. It's about 2 full days on the road!
The yacht will call at St. Raphael Marina late at night.
This concludes our sea cruise.
In the morning, guests will enjoy a freshly cooked breakfast and the best memories of a great sailing trip in the Mediterranean.

Return to Cyprus

Travel time is about 48 hours.
6,7-th day
All calculated routes during this trip are subject to weather conditions and can be adjusted by the captain. The actual progress of the transition may differ significantly from the declared one.

Main route map

The whole route
Limassol - 8 nm - Lady's Mile - 73 nm - Blue lagoon - 155 nm - Kastelorizo - 65 nm - Rhodes - 270 nm - Limassol
Duration of the yacht tour: 7 days
We will sail about 600 nautical miles on a yacht
The minimum cost of your trip is 3700 EURO, calculated for 7 days

The final cost is calculated individually for each route

Cruise cost
Additional expenses:

Flight to Cyprus and back
Transfer to Limassol St. Raphael Marina and back
Food preparation on the boat of your choice
No alcoholic and alcoholic drinks
Port dues of Cyprus and Greece
Border crossing registration.

Refundable deposit: 2500 - 3000 Euro per yacht. Collected by the captain, before leaving, returns after the yacht has been handed over in good condition. Rent in cash.
Included in the price:

Skipper job
The job of an assistant skipper
Compulsory insurance of the yacht and all crew members
Inflatable boat for exploring caves and disembarking
Anchorages at the first and last port
Fuel per 600 nautical miles
Service and drinking water
Cooking gas
Bed linen and towels
Cleaning the yacht after the end of the cruise
Thermal underwear, synthetic T-shirts, fleece jacket, membrane jacket, hat, gloves, pants, trekking (or sports) socks, woolen socks, clean clothes, footwear for going ashore.
For the sea and yachts
Yacht shoes or any sneakers with white, sheer soles, swimwear or swimming trunks. Sun hat - hat, cap or baseball cap. Sunglasses.
Packing things
Trekking backpack (60-90L), a cover for a backpack against sea spray, a hydrobag for documents, several bags for clothes and hygiene items.
Documents and visas
Passport, money (and card), phone, health insurance, Greek visa or EU visa.
Sunblock cream, pain reliever, individual preparations.
Personal hygiene
Hygienic lipstick, toothbrush, wet wipes, paper napkins, toothpaste.

Going on a journey

You fall into the hands of experienced sailors
We plan
awesome routes
You are in the hands of
experienced sailors
We know how to provide
maximum safety
This is a journey for
all levels of preparedness
Do you need sailing experience?
No experience needed!
On the first day, we will conduct briefing, familiarize you with all the controls of the yacht, safety rules on board, how to behave in an emergency, and then distribute roles between the crew members. During the passages, you will have the opportunity to stand at the helm, beginners will get their first experience in laying a route and sailing a yacht.
How long will we spend on the yacht?
We have three long transitions ahead.
We left the route in such a way that all the crew members could adapt to being on the yacht and pitching before each next route.
The first transition is the shortest and it will not exceed one hour, then there will be a longer transition lasting about 8 hours.
We will cover the next distance from the island of Cyprus to the first Greek island in 24 hours.
And of course the longest crossing is the way home. We will go non-stop from Rhodes to Cyprus. It will take 40 hours in time.
Is it possible with children?
We do not accept children under 18 on board.
How to book?
Contact us in any way available to you, or leave a request through the form on the website.

As soon as you have made a decision to participate in the cruise, we draw up a contract for organizing the trip and send it to your e-mail along with a link for payment. The contract comes into force from the moment of prepayment, and is a confirmation of your booking.

Payment order:
- 50% upon booking confirmation
- 50% one month before the day of departure

You can pay in one of the following ways:
- by bank cards MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, MIR using the link that we will send you by e-mail.
- transfer of funds to the current account using bank details.
How do I cancel my reservation?
If you change your mind, please let us know within 24 hours from the date of payment and we will refund your funds. In the future, in case of refusal to participate in the booked cruise, the paid amount will not be refunded.
Fill out the form below and we will contact you to draw up your dream itinerary and tell you more about our possibilities.
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